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What is Balm?

In the bible, Gilead was a mountainous region east of the Jordan River. In Gilead grew small trees that produced a honeylike resin that was made into balm. The balm was used for many things including: medicines for healing, rare perfumes, ointments, incense, spices, gifts, as well as many other uses. The balm became so famous that it would later become known as "The Balm Of Gilead". The use of balm would become very beneficial to everyone in a positive way. The products that we have created were developed to promote creativity, inspiration, encouragement and everything positive. Although there is no scripture in the bible that says Jesus is the balm, he is however the only ointment for the sin sick soul. All of our products will be directed to bring you happiness and joy. Every product is carefully crafted with our customers in mind. 



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